Camilla Emmenegger

Camilla Emmenegger

Italy – University of Florence

Research area: Political and social philosophy; history of modern political thought; critical theories (theories of capitalism and neoliberalism, studies on new management, psychopathology of work); history and theories of liberalism; theories of power and obedience; voluntary servitude; theories of emancipation; revolution and political violence; world images.

‘My interest lies first and foremost in Weber’s political thought: his understanding of power and obedience; his reflection on the different forms of ethical justification (ethics of success, ethics of conviction, ethics of responsibility) as well as on the (conflicting) relationship between ethics and politics (and the role that violence plays in this conflict); his analysis of the – causal but not deterministic – interplay between world images and socio-political configurations; his conception of subjectivity and processes of subjectivization.

In my opinion, subjectivity is one of the issues that can still fruitfully profit from Weber’s thought. Indeed, Weber has developed some very accurate conceptual tools – i.e. world image, life of conduct – which allow us to understand different forms of subjectivity and the (material and ideal) processes of their formation without relying on anthropological assumptions and deterministic perspectives.’

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