About us

The Weber Scholars Network

The Weber Scholars Network (WSN) aims at connecting scholars with a wide range of research interests related to Max (and Marianne) Weber. Scholars from all disciplines are welcome, from political economy to philosophy, from sociology to anthropology, from history and political science. While these are the ‘usual suspects’, we also expect colleagues interested in philology, art and religious history to join. One overarching aim of the Weber Scholars Network is to connect experienced scholars that marshal knowledge on Weber, his oeuvre, his time, and his personal entourage with younger researchers that would like to tap on this “human knowledge repository” to pursue their own, contemporary research questions. The now century-old reception of Max Weber’s writings became global at an early stage; his work has appealed to scholars of different disciplines and orientations in every region of the world. That is why part of the ethos of the Weber Scholars Network is to be inclusive, encompassing scholars irrespective of gender, place of birth, ethnicity, or career stage and allowing all interested members to get involved in steering the network. Among the activities of the network are informing about relevant publications, including translations of Weber’s writings, and events. While we acknowledge that defending him has been an ‘occupational hazard’ of the Weber scholars, we also aim to be a lively platform for critical discussion of his work, welcoming both Weber experts and those working in critical dialog with his writings. The Weber Scholars Network informally collaborates with the project of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences “Max Weber digital” and with the journal Max Weber Studies.