WSN 2023/2024 EVENT SERIES: #3 Session

Democracy and the Rule of Law

Join us on January 18th  for a conversation with Stephen Turner and Carmen Chas on “Democracy and the Rule of Law”. To set our minds in motion, Turner will give a presentation arguing that both Weber and Kelsen avoided the term Rule of Law [Rechtsstaat] while painstakingly constructing alternative descriptions of the kind of legal order that these terms have been used to denote. Their redescriptions are intentionally subversive: they sought a demystified and de-ideologized language which respected the fact-value distinction, and the distinction between sociology and jurisprudence. They show that there is nothing more to the “rule of law,” either in the realm of fact or the realm of legally meaningful norms, than conformity to the law itself.

Before the event make sure you check Stephen Turner’s text «Weber, Kelsen, and the Rule of Law: Liberal Ideologiekritik?» which is already posted on our blog! And join us next week along with Álvaro Morcillo who will chair the session.

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