5th Online discussion: «Weber and Benjamin»

«Weber and Benjamin»

We are very excited to announce our next online discussion on Weber and Benjamin which will take place on Wednesday, May 3rd at 14:00 (CET). This time Lucía Pinto and Chunjie Zhang will be our presenter and discussant, respectively. To set our ideas in motion, make sure you check Lucía Pinto’s article «Max Weber and Walter Benjamin» which is already posted on our blog! 

Lucía Pinto is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Buenos Aires. Her interest focuses on the affinities between Max Weber’s and Walter Benjamin’s critiques of Modernity, with special attention to the fields of capitalism, law, technique, and politics.

Chunjie Zhang is an associate professor of German and affiliated faculty in Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, East Asian Studies, Critical Theory, Global Migration Center, and Religious Studies.

As per usual, the event will be held online via Zoom and it’s open to all those interested, so feel free to circulate the news with other colleagues. We’ll share the link of the meeting and details a few days in advance but stay tuned to any updates on the event and network on our Facebook Page.  

Contact us at info@weberscholars.net!