4th Online discussion: «Max Weber’s Concept of Ordnung»

WSN EVENT #4 | Max Weber’s Concept of ORDNUNG

w. Andrea Salvatore Cerfeda and Prof. Andreas Anter

Mediator: Yannis Ktenas

Andrea Salvatore Cerfeda, who is currently working on his PhD in philosophy in Florence, elaborates on the central, though often overlooked Weberian concept of ‘order’ [Ordnung]. Prof. Andreas Anter, an expert discussant shares his view on the matter.

Andrea Salvatore Cerfeda is a researcher at the universities of Turin and Florence. His interest in Weber focuses on his conception of social order from a political and philosophical point of view.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Anter works at the University of Erfurt in Germany. His research focuses on State Theory, Constitutional Politics and Max Weber’s Work in our contemporary world.