4th Online discussion: «Max Weber’s concept of Ordnung»

«Max Weber’s concept of Ordnung»


We are very happy to announce our first online event of 2023, which will take place on Friday, April 14th at 18:00 (CET). On this occasion, Andrea Salvatore Cerfeda, who is currently working on his PhD in philosophy in Florence, will be discussing the central, though often overlooked Weberian concept of ‘order’ [Ordnung] with an expert discussant, Prof. Andreas Anter. WSN member Yannis Ktenas will moderate the session. 

Andrea Salvatore Cerfeda is a researcher at the universities of Turin and Florence. His interest in Weber focuses on his conception of social order from a political and philosophical point of view: «Studying Weber for me means primarily drawing from an extremely complex conceptual reservoir that still holds analytical and hermeneutic potential today. Therefore, the study of Weber, from my point of view, is not just a matter of textual exegesis, but it is also an attempt to question the present time, to challenge it.»

Prof. Dr. Andreas Anter works currently at the University of Erfurt in Germany. His research focuses on State Theory, Constitutional Politics and Max Weber’s Work in our contemporary world: «‘Weber’s work has lost little of its appeal and validity, even though Weber’s era seems infinitely remote from today. As Ralf Dahrendorf has noted, modern Weberians are happy epigones. Since Weber never developed a closed and finished system, no one is obliged to follow any one particular line.»

The event will be held online (via Zoom) and it’s open to all those interested, so share this news with colleagues!

We’ll share the link of the meeting and details a few days in advance but stay tuned to our Facebook Fanpage for any updates on the event and network.

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