Online seminar on Max Weber (in French) – 2nd Session

Online seminar on Max Weber (in French) – 2nd Session


An international symposium on Max Weber (“Penser les sociétés et les pouvoirs avec Max Weber : vers une “science de la réalité” (Wirklichkeitswissenschaft”), organized by Félix Blanc, Raphaëlle Laignoux, Victor Strazzeri and Francisco Roa Bastos) will be held next year at the Centre Culturel International de Cerisy (Normandy, France), from September 26th to October 2nd 2022. This symposium is intended as a gathering of specialists and non-specialists of Weber’s work, seeking to discuss why and how it should be used to understand our contemporary societies. 

In order to prepare that symposium, and to concur in the main questions we would ask our contributors to address, an online preparatory seminar will take place during this academic year (2021-22). This preparatory seminar will discuss each of the five main topics that will structure our collective work on Max Weber, namely: the political sociology of Weber; the typology of communities and their relationship to the individual; the explanation of social and historical change; the role of beliefs and Weltanschauungen in Weber’s work; and the international and differentiated reception of Weber’s work.

The second session of this preparatory seminar will be held this week, on Wednesday, November the 17th, in partnership with Sciences po Strasbourg. Find the info to join below:

Write us at if you’d like to have the zoom-link for it.

In this session, Catherine Colliot-Thélène and Elisabeth Kauffmann will present (in French) their work on their recent edition and translation in French of Max Weber’s «Les Communautés» (éd. La Découverte, 2019

Don’t hesitate to take part, circulate, or contact us for any questions you may have on the preparatory seminar and/or on the Cerisy Symposium.

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